Training Philosophy of Pakistan Army

The training of the Pakistan Army encompasses threat perception and suggests progression while giving initiative and full latitude for realistic and mission oriented training at formation level while keeping the monitoring of the training at the highest level. Quest for excellence in training, therefore occupies centre stage in the gambit of peace time pursuits of an Army, as it epitomises its standards of professional efficiency and operational preparedness. Over the years, Pakistan Army has evolved an indigenous system of training, based on the role of Army, "To defend the territorial and ideological boundaries of Pakistan from external as well as internal threat".

The philosophy of Pakistan Army Training is therefore, "To achieve excellence in combat" by directing all our endeavours toward developing strong faith in Allah, imbibing self reliance, aggressive spirit, self discipline and an enlightened leadership while remaining cost effective. The aforementioned philosophy, thus, is translated into a practical system to develop an inspired commitment to training in all ranks to ensure following:

  • A highly professional, combat worthy Army through better training and morale superior to that of the enemy
  • To win while out numbered, it must possess and display aggressive attitude and offensive spirit
  • All ranks especially leaders must display highest standard of professionalism, greater amount of initiative and self reliance
  • The training system worthy of absorbing the sophisticated weapons / equipment and at the same time ensuring highest possible standards of maintenance in order to offset the quantitative edge in weapons / equipment of our adversary
  • Desirable physical and mental endurance / fitness
  • Self discipline and enlightened leadership